Medical thermography

  • Painless, radiation-free 
  • Unexplainable complaints
  • Thermography makes problems clearly visible 
  • All breast cupsizes
  • Possible in dense breasts
  • For men and for all ages 
  • Also in implants and amputation (mastectomy)
  • Useable in the whole body

Medical thermography is for everybody!

Updated: 5 october 2017

Medical thermography

Medical thermography is a method with high quality medical thermography cameras to make the fysiological processes visible. It doesnt replace conventional methods like MRI CT and X Ray which shows the anatomical changes of the body. Medical thermography is a very effective method to make the inflamation and or stagnations in the body visible. With medical thermography you can various processes visible.

Innovative Medical Thermography

  • Screenings viewed by a doctor
  • Client receives the extensive report
  • When needed, redirection to your own physician
  • Over 500 medical thermography centres worldwide
  • Medical thermography anatomy software
  • Works with high quality camera’s
  • Very high resolution imaging

Medical thermography shows your health!


  • Preventative health screening
  • Prevention is better than healing
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Medical thermography also in your region
  • Very accessable and open
  • Medical thermography is early detection

Medical thermography is very usefull!