Is infrared screening suitable for women who have or have had breastcancer?

Yes. Because there is no bodycontact this is the most favorite method during or after the treatment of breastcancer. Even after mastectomy (breast amputation).

Is this suitable for women with breast implants?

Yes. Infrared screening is suitable for women with breastimplants. 

What is the difference between mammography and infrared screening?

Infrared screening is more comprehensive and can indicate physiological changes in the body at an early stage. Physiological changes are preliminary to anatomical changes in which it is a valuable contribution in prevention. Mammography is a Mammography is an imaging technic which  shows very clear any anatomic changes. If changes are visible at mammography this is often in a late stage of the disease. 

Are there any limitations in infrared?

 No, there are no limitations. We  do not even have the limitation of the cupsize of breasts and it is suitable for men and women, also when they have had a mastectomy. It can be performed on women who have had a  breast enlargement/reduction or who have implants. Because there is no contact between breast and camera this non-invasive examination is painless and therefor most qualified for women with infected or sensitive breasts. It is also possible to visualise unexplained complaints, back injuries, dental problems, etc. 

By whom is the thermogram assessed?

The thermographist/therapist makes the images which are sent to a doctor. After approximately one week the thermographist receives back a report and this report will be discussed with the patient. 

Who receives the report?

The report is private, for the client. The client then can decide if he/she shows this report to the treating specialist or therapist. 

Is breastcancer visible in thermography?

Infrared screening reflects physiological changes  which can give indications of the health of the breasts. When evaluation shows that there are reasons for furter research, the client will be informed. 

There is no radiological / radiation hazard in infrared screening.


A breast screening takes about 30 minutes.



This screening will not (jet) be reimbursed by your health insurance.