Quality differences

It is very important to know whether your screening centre or practice works with the right equipment. Our centers work with the highest available resolution and technique camera that is currently available worldwide. In addition, all our centers use our software. This software is medically approved by different agencies such as the FDA, NHS, and so on. The software is very secure and all data is exchanged encrypted using a secure econnection between our doctors.

You can see right here the quality differences between other cameras (top) and those of us (below). 

Before you go to a practice, you can request a sample report or images to see what quality equipment and software one works. It comes to your health, choose the best quality. All our thermographists are trained by us or the screenings are conducted by trained thermographists in the USA. They have our patented software. Someone who works with a handheld camera has far from accurate measurements and medical statements cannot be made. Our advice; go only to centers listed on this website.