Science is always making progress

Thanks to the high-end, superiour infrared cameras of Energetic Health Systems, Medical
Anatomic software and well-trained thermographists we can guarantee you that we can provide you currently the best possible infrared images of your body.

Before you decide to make an appointment for a infrared screening, please check if the thermographist is educated and trained by IAMT and works with our medical software. Only then you can be sure of the highest quality images, guidance and medical reporting. All centers on our website meet these requirements. Medical studies indicate that imaging physiological processes is a very usefull preventive method.  

There have been thousands of studies, although with low resolution bad quality cameras and by not well-trained physicians.  Nevertheless, it appears that early changes can be imaged and thereby you can do more preventive therapy. The most current studies show the utility of  infrared-screening more and more and worldwide this preventive, non-invasive health screening is welcomed with open arms.

Unfortunately, The Netherlands is as usual falling behind in this kind of research and embrasing alternative therapies but  we are trying to change this.

If you are looking for scientific studies, please check  Pubmed