The day of screening :

  • No make-up in the screening of the head.
  • No bodylotions in the screening of the breast or whole body. 
  • No hot shower or bath up to 4 hours before  the screening.
  • Avoid deodorant, even biological.
  • No shaving or waxing the area that will be screened (less than a week prior) 
  • 2 hours before screening, no eating, smoking, phone calls (mobile).
  • Do not chew gum before screening.
  • Avoid airconditioning in de car directly  on the body.
  • No jewelery 2 hours before screening. 
  • No tight clothing. 
  • In breast screening: no bra that day until after the screening.
  • Be 10 minutes early so you can acclimate.

Recommendations for screening:

  • Breast surgery, chemotherapy of radiotherapy can be done up to 1 month before the infrared screening.
  • A biopsy can be made up to 1 month before the screening.
  • Thermography is recommended in problems during breast feeding. 
  • A treatment at the dentist or oral hygenist can be done up to 1 week before a screening of the head. 

1 Day before the screening:

  • Avoid extra physical activity. 
  • No massage- or lymphatic drainage treatment.
  • No chiropractic or physiotherapeutic treatment.
  • No sauna or hot tubs. 

Please bring:

  • Elastic hairbands or hairpins (in long hair) 
  • A list of the medications and supplements you use
  • The completed Questionaire (questionaire)
  • The statement of intent