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If you want to work on your health, ask your doctor what you can do.

A healthy lifetstyle, more exercise, watching your diet are essential things for your health. If you want to do more for your health, find a coach or  natural health practitioner (naturopath/homeopath) in your neighbourhood. You can also  make an appointment for a measurement with ISO certificated measuring equipment. A good example is Prognos, which can detect and solve deeper causes of complaints. Please check the website 

Our tips:

Tips for healthy breasts

  • Eat as less sugar as possible, in each form.
  • Optimaze your vitamine D3 intake, your K2 en iodine. (iodine comes from Kelp.)
  • Make sure your breasts hold no toxins and massage them with LOVE every time you are in the shower.  Also massage your armpits, where lymph is, and the sternum and clavicles.
  • Look at  your breasts as a female part of yourself, touch them with love. Breasts are no appendices to our chest that are an early form of cancer. Our breasts are beautiful, adorable, soft, motherly, wonderful to see and sexy. By touching your breasts you do your own research and will get familair to the structure and the sensitivity.
  • Do no eat any roasted or grilled meat with blackened sides. This is Acrylamide and classified as a carcinogenic substance.
  • Do not eat Soy, in some physical processes it can cause cel mutations. 
  • Regulate your blood sugar level, avoid sugar, exercise and regularly eat  cinnamon.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Use green vegetables, in meals or as a smoothy.
  • Optimise your Omega 3 by supplementation, preferably from Krill oil.
  • Eat Curcuma. This is an anti-angiogenese herb which means that it blocks the formation of new blood vessels around tumours. (eaten combined with oil and black pepper for  better absorption) 
  • Minimise the alcohol intake.
  • Breastfeed your baby for at least six months.
  • Avoid wearing an underwired bra.
  • Avoid electronic fields as much as possible. Especially in your bedroom you should minimise electricity (pull the plug out of your bed or blanket and tv).
  • Do not keep your phone next to your bed and shut down WIFI. During daytime to hold your phone not directly on your body.
  • Replace the Pill for a different kind of birth-control.
    Try a coil, ring or pessary (diaphragm).  Every woman on the contraceptive pill should screen her breasts annually with medical thermography (no matter what age!) Breast health starts when your breasts are fullgrown. By the age of 23 you could start with medical thermography. Do not think you do not have to check before your 50th year. That age standard is used in mammography. Mammography is not preventive but just searching for tumours. Medical thermography is checking your breast health. 

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