After a very painful mammography I was called by the hospital that they had seen “something” on the mammogram. It did not have to be something bad but research was needed. They invited me to the hospital 2 days later. Once I arrived in the hospital I had to immediately make a mammogram. I wondered why the first one was not enough, unfortunately I got no answer. After the photos were taken I had to undergo a very nasty puncture at which they took 6 biopsies. In the end it turned out to be false alarm! They told me that the spots they founded were microcalcifications and I did not need to worry. I was sent home and was putted back on the schedule for research, so they would invite me again in time for the next mammogram. 

Just eight months after my last mammogram I received another invitation from the hospital. The first thing that came to mind was: “Not again!” 

I found it a very painfull examination and was worried about the radiaton hazard and surely I was shocked by the false positive result. Then I wondered: “Is there some other solution for this examination. One that is painfree, radiationfree and women-friendly?” 

A search through the internet brought me to infrared screening. This preventative breast screening is non-invasive, painfree, radiaton free and women-friendly. Even bodycontact is not necessary. With this method it is possible to determine abnormalities even before these are visible at a mammography. Experience shows sometimes five years earlier.

It is  not just the abnormalities in the breast that are determined early with infrared screening. Also deviations in the lymphatic system, bloodvessels and/or breast tissue can be observed at an early stage. The infrared screening can even show if complaints are caused by  a root canal for example, of which the toxins caused by the bacteria, directly go through the lymph into the breast. 

I am very pleased that I have found and also did undergo this alternative breast examination!

M. Keters

My experience with thermography:

A very women-friendly breast examination that provides clear images. The specialist explained everything and gave advise that can be helpfull in prevention. 
The only down side is that the thermography is not yet reimbursed by the healthcare insurance companies. 

Gonnie van Westenbrugge

After a bad experience with standard mammography a few years ago (I had a cyste in my breast en this bursted open at the 5th time they tried to take the photo), I kept wondering if there was another (painless) way to check my breasts.  By coincidence I came in contact with a practice for infrared screening and I then got a screening. What a relief! No pain, no smashing but a non-inasive examination and a clear report from a doctor with a phone consultation by the therapist in which all was explained. No more mammography for me anymore in the future. 

Loekie Robert, Veldhoven

Good evening,

Wouldn’t it be great if the healthcare insurance covered this examination?! 
I am 52 years and never had a breastscreening, just because I am afraid to. I think is is as scary as going to the dentist. At these treatments I get anesthesia and this costs me extra money. Undergoing a mammography under anesthesia is too expensive. An infrared screening is also too expensive for me. My advice is to try to get the thermogram screening reimbursed. Great for you, because it will bring you more customers but also for me and  others who cannot afford.

This (screening) is needfull and necessary!  
Good luck,

Jeanette Boudewijns