You will receive the report of your screening by e-mail with the images included. The report will be compiled in English but your thermographist will explain the results with you in a telephone consultation. This way you will know exactly the outcome of your screening.  Unlike in a mammogram (in which you receive a good or bad result) we give you a result that indicates a low, mid of high risk. Sometimes you should have to take necessary preventive steps towards your breasthealth. 

Follow up 

After 3 or 6 months we will screen a second time. This is due to the fact that we want to know if some patterns are normal or are still presenting a risk.  The two screenings together are called a zero-measurement. After the zero-measurement you can choose to screen again within one or two years. 


Report summary

Summary of the report:

  • Report by skilled and certified dutch doctors with many years of experience. 
  • Report on every bodypart possible.
  • Temperature comparison viewed from different positions/images.
  • Recognition of and awareness on dubious physical changes in the pattern. 
  • Reveal unexplained complaints.
  • Inflammations.
  •  Attention for dubious patterns in temperature deviation concerning: 
    Heart and bloodvessels
    Sinuses and allergies
    Thyroid gland
    Breast tissue
    Muscles and skeleton (injury/stress)
  • Advise for furter clinical evaluation.
  • Recommendations for follow-up.