What is medical thermography ?

With very sensitive, high resolution infrared cameras and special screening software, minimal differences in temperature of the skin surface are made visible. This way abnormalities in relation to the underlying organs and systems can be determined at an early stage.

Is it  possible to see breastcancer with thermography ?

No. There can be visible pattern changes which can give rise to further research, to a supportive treatment for a short of longer period. 

What is the difference between mammography and infrered screening?

Infrared screening is more comprehensive and can indicate physiological changes in the body at an early stage   Physiological changes are preliminary to anatomical changes in which it is a valuable contribution in screening  prevention. Mammography is an imaging technic which  shows very clear any anatomic changes. If changes are visible at mammography this is often in a late stage of the disease.

 What is the difference between medical thermography and infrared screening ?

A thermogram is a photo that is made by a heat camera or  infrared camera. Thermography is taking the (heat) images with a highresolution infrared camera (the act). Medical thermography is imaging the physical processes with a thermal imaging camera (infrared camera). 

Infrared screening is exactly the same just easier to memorise (common name). Below you can see images of the body where infections are visible. (Red/white is warm, green is normal bodytemperature). Thanks to the software we use, we can lay anatomical images over the heat images which makes  it easier for the doctor to interpret the images.